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Top Three Ways To Understand Whether Your Favorite SkincareBrand is Eco Friendly or Not

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Beauty brands like Lush, Acure and many more have entered the market with only one thing to advertise and that is, all their products are environment-friendly. With this, such brands have been attracting a huge base of an audience as it has been seen that the millennial generation is more inclined on saving the ecology and hence, are opting for a lifestyle that is more in tune with the ecosystem. Be it veganism, minimalism, or any other way that results in lesser and lesser inflation of the distress that our surroundings are going through; today’s generation is ready to take it.

Thus, the beauty industry without wasting any time, spit out brands that were ready to work on products that reciprocated such sustainable ideas. The whole beauty world is always under the heat of how most of its goods contain harmful chemicals and have only short-term benefits. Now there are many skincare brands that have taken this problem into consideration and have built ethical and sustainable goods.

If you are thinking of switching to such a beauty brand that is environmentally sound, then below are the top three things that you should look for.

● Reflective Packaging

Have you ever been to one of those fancy showrooms where on the purchase of a small clutch

they wrap it up and give it to you as if you have just bought some diamonds?

You will notice that all this packaging is made from either paper or plastic, and most of it is

probably going to waste. That expensive bottle of sunscreen you just bought, turns out, that after

finishing it you can’t use it for other purposes and now have to throw it away. This is the problem

that most sustainable beauty brands are trying to overcome by generating as little waste as

possible by conscious packaging of their products. As reported by, a beauty company

named Lush found out that 40%-50% of the cost of the product is derived from its packaging. By

choosing a more eco-friendly option of how our goods get packed, we will reduce its cost,

creating a win-win situation for all of us.

● Cruelty-Free

Do you know who gets to first-hand try all the new makeup products that you see in the market?

It’s the animals or cosmetic company’s lab rats. Yes, these chemically concentrated products are

first applied to poor animals to see their effects and further develop better products. All your

products are safe thanks to these animals. This is the most unethical thing that is taking place in

the beauty industry. To overcome this all the products that are prepared cruelty-free have a

specific logo on them, called the leaping bunny logo. But beware, as there are many goods in the

market that have fake cruelty-free logos. Learn about the different types of authentic cruelty-free symbols, before going to buy such products.

● No Toxins

Formaldehyde, paraben, sulfates are some of the toxic materials that are present in your day-to-

day skin care. From moisturizer to shampoo to facewash, everything has them. There is no doubt

that some chemicals are good for our skin like Salicylic Acid, Benzoyl peroxide, but the ones like

parabens and all, cause long-term skin damage. In order to avoid these, companies such as

Tatcha, REN, Aveda, are making skincare products that are toxin-free.

Now you know what to look for in your next beauty haul.

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