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Top Three Easiest Ways To Switch To Sustainable Fashion

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

Environment-friendly is the new word that has penetrated many industries and is soon going to play an important role when it comes to buying anything. One of the biggest sectors that it has taken over is the fashion industry. Many people have started to choose sustainable fashion instead of those trendy chic clothes that have a stage-life like that of a butterfly. If you are someone who has been thinking to revamp their whole closet in one night and change it into something more feasible then Elite Voyager wants you to stop right there.

Why you ask? Because changes this big do not happen overnight, they take time and patience along with a little bit of research. If that is the reason you stumbled upon this blog then congratulations you are already on the right path. You might have gone through many articles about moving to a more sustainable wardrobe, telling you to do these heavy changes in your life that are more than you can take at a single time. But don’t worry, Elite Voyager understands your dilemma and hence, is here to save the day.

Follow the ways through which you can pursue your dream of switching to sustainable fashion.

● Shopping Locally

Stop running after those high-end fashion brands and start picking clothes from your

local market. You might not know what fashion gold you may find and that also at a

reasonable price. Even if you are going out to travel instead of trying to buy something

luxurious as a souvenir, you can check out their local clothing shops, this will not only

help you in buying something that everyone wears there but also help you understand

their culture pretty well, also leaving room for bargaining.

● Don’t Fall For Lousy Fashion Trends

We all know that these days fashion trends come and go like a bullet train (because no

one can beat 90’s fashion), therefore, that you become strong and refuse to buy that

padded shoulder crop top that you also know is only looking cute right now but after

some time no one will even talk about it. Instead, create your own fashion trend, this

does not mean that you start sewing your own clothes but you can dig deep into your

closet and search for stuff you might not have worn for years. Reuse it and make the

most of that fabric. You can mix and match it with your current favorite clothes and

create new looks.

● Repurpose Your Wardrobe

You have to learn to let go of things that are in your life for no reason whatsoever, yes

this method applies to clothes as well. Start with summer clothes or the winter ones, but

just start, not throwing, but giving away the clothes that you no longer wear and do not

plan on wearing. You can donate them to charity or sell them to thrift stores so that

people can reuse them.

At last, first, bring a little change to your thinking, and instead of throwing or hoarding clothes,

look for ways to reuse them.

For more such tips keep following Elite Voyager.

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