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How To Transition From Being a Mere Tourist To A Traveler, TheElite Voyager Style

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

For a very long time, there has been a debate about who is better a tourist or a traveler. While neither of them is good or bad, both possess some characteristics that make them different. If you ask local people who stay in places that are famous as travel destinations, you will find many speaking fondly of travelers and that is because they know how to respect the culture of the place that they are visiting.

Before diving into the process of transitioning into an “elite voyager” type traveler, one must first

understand whether they are a traveler or a tourist. Below is a small quiz that can help you with it.

(You can answer in a yes/no format)

● Do you like researching a lot about the place that you are planning to go to?

● Do you like creating an itinerary of some specific places that you would be visiting on your trip

instead of leaving everything up to a touring company?

● Instead of booking a very fancy hotel, you would book a homestay for yourself?

● Do you try to talk to local people in order to understand their daily lives in that place?

● Along with going to the most famous places in the place, you are visiting, do you also like

roaming the streets and enjoying the subtleness of the ordinary?

If your answer to all these questions was yes, then congratulations you are a traveler in all your spirits, and if your answer varied between yes or no, then no need to worry about it as we will be giving you some tips that will help you in becoming a traveler. Even if your answer to all the above questions was yes, you can still read our tips to become an “elite voyager” certified traveler.

● Exercising those Taste Buds With Local Food

Eating the food that you can easily find in your area as well, will be like wasting your experience.

You can always try the local food which can open a window towards the flavors that you might

have never tasted before, giving you an insight into the rich culture of the place.

● Learning the Local Lingo

While tourists might be not so enthusiastic about getting out of their comfort zone, if you want

to become a traveler you should be always ready to learn and explore new things, being the

local dialect itself. It will help in interacting with the local people better and you might also

discover some stories that might not be present in the normal travel books.

● Dressing for Comfort

Pack clothes that will help you in blending with the locals well. When you research the place you

will be visiting, don’t forget to look for what type of clothes will help you look more

approachable. Remember that style and comfort can go hand in hand, all you have to do is look

a little deeper into your closet.

Now, you know all the things that can turn you into an adventurous traveler, so the next time you are

planning a trip, you know what to do.

Until our next blog, good luck and bon voyage, to all our readers.

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