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How to Choose The Best Hotel For Having A Great Vacation

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

You are all done with your packing and excited about your holidays. You get off the plane and

hire a taxi that will drop you at your booked hotel. After completing all the check-in processes

and living a few days there you realize that the services provided by your hotel are not up to the

mark because of which your vacations are not going as smoothly as you imagined.

Doesn’t matter whether you are on a luxury vacation or a budgeted getaway, the place that you

camp in during your holidays is one of the most crucial parts of your vacation. Hence, getting it

right becomes extremely important. But we all get overwhelmed by the things that we have to do

when we are planning a long holiday that we don’t pay much attention to things while booking a

hotel for ourselves.

Understanding this problem of yours, Elite Voyager is releasing a three-step process through

which you can increase your chances of getting the perfect hotel for yourself.

● Listing It Out

Remember how you shop for clothes online, putting everything that looks cute in your

bucket list, and then later sieving through that list to get the best of the outfits. You have

to do the same thing with hotels as well. Just check out the facilities provided by the

potential prospects, if they are in tune with your requirement then shortlist them. With

this, you will be able to have a vivid view of all the choices you have.

● First Check-in through Social Media

Now, fill a bowl with your favorite snack to munch on while you are going through the

social media handles of these hotels. This will help you dive into the type of vicinity you

will be living in while on your vacation. Don’t forget to look for testimonials, comments,

and ratings on different sites. It is advised by Elite Voyager to check the hotel on at least

three different sites as fake reviews are present everywhere these days. If they are

tagged in a picture on Instagram then chances are, the one who is posting might have

stayed there, you can connect with them to get more insights.

● Talk With The Staff Directly

After going through the above two steps, you should have two or three hotels to choose

from. Pick up your phone and start talking to the staff directly about all the amenities that

they are providing and make sure that you hear them carefully. This will help in keeping

the involved policies clear since the start of your booking.

With this, now you know the Elite Voyager secret way to get the hotel that will suit you and help

you in experiencing a stress-free vacation.

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